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Online Store Tour: Lidl Sells Useful Equipment for Summer Sprays and Cocktails


Lidl has been offering a useful device for hot summer days since June 6.

The German chain of stores sells a machine that makes ice cubes, under its own brand SilverCrest Kitchen Tools. The device has a removable compartment for 800 grams of ice cubes.

The device measures 24.7 x 29.3 x 34.9 cm and has a cable length of 180 cm.

The ice cube machine has a power of 105 W and a water tank with a capacity of 1.8 liters.

Those who tested the device (Foodcook.net and the TechGuru Andrew channel on YouTube) give us more information about the product. It produces about 9 ice cubes every 8 minutes. Depending on the temperature of the water in the tank, ice production can start as early as 7 minutes.

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The ice cube machine is available in Lidl stores this week.

The manufacturer recommends using water at temperatures between 8 and 30 degrees Celsius. In one day, the device can produce 11-12 kg of ice. If the device is switched on, it may be stored in the device. Otherwise, the ice must be moved to a freezer.

Tests also show that the car is quite noisy when producing ice.

The device also includes a cleaning program, which can be started by holding down your finger for 10 seconds on the power button. The program lasts about 15 minutes.

The car sold by Lidl benefits from a 3-year warranty and costs 499 lei.

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Photo: Lidl.ro, Pixabay

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