Stone Watch: What the world’s worst smartwatch (doesn’t) do

Technology addiction is a real problem, and many people are trying to use their phones and other smart electronics less. That’s why there are people, more and more, who have switched back to standard phones without smart features.

Under these circumstances, it’s no wonder that Tama-Kyu, a toy company in Japan, has launched a fake “smart watch” that does nothing.

Stone Watch looks like a smart watch, but it doesn’t even show the time. The device is made of plastic and has a silicone strap. The product does nothing but look good in a person’s hand.

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Customers can choose between five different coloured straps. Fortunately, the world’s dumbest smartwatch is affordably priced at just $3.

For $15 you can buy all five versions of the Stone Watch.

Tama-Kyu is a manufacturer of Gashapon, toys in clear plastic eggs that are sold through vending machines.

Stone Watch can be used in conjunction with the AcryPhone, the world’s dumbest smart phone. That product was launched by another Japanese company called eKod Works. AcryPhone is a piece of plastic that looks like an iPhone.


Japan is known for the bizarre products available there. In 2021 a mattress for gamers debuted on the market. In the past we’ve seen other weird product launches in the Asian state. These include a hygienic mask for VR devices or a suit for virtual sex.

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