Online Casino News New Jersey – Recent Developments

With the emergence of online and mobile gaming revolution, the state of New Jersey has seen an influx in casinos opening their virtual doors to customers looking for entertainment and gambling experience. While the number of casinos may have changed, one thing remains true – there is a regulated industry behind every website that wants to offer gaming services to players from around the world. In order to run smoothly, New Jersey online casino news releases about new applicants for online casino approvals are released on a rolling basis – and today we explore some of these updates.

Online Casino News New Jersey – Intro :

Since the introduction of online gambling in New Jersey in 2013, the number of player opportunities has skyrocketed thanks to a regulated online casino industry operated under the supervision of the state government. In recent months, two new operators were granted licenses to offer their services within the Atlantic City area, while another was approved to launch its gaming site exclusively on mobile devices and tablets. But how do these approvals get issued? Let’s take a look at what’s required.

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The Application Process

The process for approving an online casino in New Jersey is handled by the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). When submitting an application for internet gaming site approval, applicants must meet certain criteria set forth by DGE. These include having adequate capitalization and undergoing a thorough background check and investigation before being confirmed a license-holder.

Any company or individual that meets these requirements may submit an application but are limited to operating three different brands at most – with no more than two skins per brand – and those with physical locations within Atlantic City are the only ones allowed to offer real-money games over the Internet.

Recent Developments

In November 2022, two companies received approval from DGE for their respective gaming sites after meeting all necessary criteria. With these approvals, very soon players can enjoy thousands more games than ever before. The applications for approval keep coming, as a third operator was authorized to launch its services exclusively on mobile devices and tablets.

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Noteworthy too is the steady market growth experienced over the years. Compared to two years ago when total revenue from internet gaming sites amounted to $23 million, it has grown considerably to over $75 million in 2023. This growing number of operators coupled with an increase in revenue makes it clear that the industry is having good fortune.

Online Casino News New Jersey – Conclusion:

With two new operators approving their sites, there are even more offerings available online all across New Jersey. But before any such site can become available, applicants must go through a rigorous process set forth by DGE, including background checks and investigations as well as meeting certain criteria on capitalization and player protection. With continued rollouts of approved sites, further growth is expected in the near future.

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