IKEA announces Vindstryka, a smart home sensor for air quality, temperature and humidity

IKEA continues to expand its smart home product portfolio with a new product that can measure air quality in the home. The new device is called Vindstryka and integrates several sensors and can be used both independently and connected to IKEA’s smart home system to control other connected devices such as air purifiers.

Vindstryka can be integrated with the Dirigera system

Vindstryka is a small device that has some simple but useful functions when you want to increase the comfort level in your home. Its main function is to measure air quality by detecting particles smaller than 2.5 micrometres. There is an indicator of the level of ‘pollution’ in the air, with three colours: green for good, yellow for polluted air and red for very polluted air.

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Then this device can measure the ambient temperature, something useful in the smart home field for controlling devices that heat or cool the home. You can use the information from this sensor to turn your central heating or air conditioning on or off, for example.

Finally, Vindstryka can measure humidity levels and turn a humidifier on or off as needed. All these functions can be used by connecting the device to the IKEA Dirigera smart home system, which is compatible with IKEA products such as the company’s Starkvind range of air purifiers and other devices.

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The Vindstryka sensor will be launched in IKEA stores worldwide in April, but we don’t yet know at what price. Given that such products from IKEA are generally cheaper than premium alternatives with similar features on the market, we don’t expect an extremely high price, but being a Wi-Fi connected smart home device, the price can’t be extremely low either.

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