Bing AI will be getting useful features for mobile phones starting next week

Microsoft is improving the use of its AI search for mobile users.  (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft is improving the use of its AI search for mobile users. (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft continues to provide Bing AI Search with new features and updates. New functions are expected from next week, which should primarily simplify and improve mobile use.

Bing gets new features for mobile phones

But one makes the start Widget, which will be released this week. With this you will have quick access to the Bing search directly from the home screen of iOS and Android devices. There is the option of typing in a search in the classic way or, alternatively, speaking it by voice input.

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For next week are cross-platform conversations planned. Microsoft recently gave Bing users the ability to revert to old searches. So far, however, this was not possible with other devices.

The new update gives you the ability to start a conversation on your desktop and continue it on a mobile phone and vice versa.

Also, with the new update more countries and languages supported and increased the quality of non-English searches. However, Microsoft does not go into detail about which languages ​​have been improved and added.

Finally there is one more Update for SwiftKey. This is a virtual keyboard with Bing integration for your Android phone. From next week she should also for iOS users be available and a new one Compose-Feature receive. This allows texts to be generated based on parameters that you specify beforehand.

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Do you use the Bing AI search yourself? What is your experience with it and are you looking forward to Microsoft optimizing mobile use? Which features would you like to have for Bing search that are not yet available and where do you think there should be improvements? And do you use Bing mobile or would you consider doing so in the future thanks to the new features? Tell us in the comments!

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