OnePlus Pad is the first high-end tablet for OnePlus fans

At a time when most smartphone manufacturers are “recycling” the design they used last year with minimal changes, it should surprise no one that the OnePlus Pad appears as a makeshift photoshop edit after the 2019 OnePlus 7T phone.

Of course there are some differences, the framed module is an oversized circular ornament actually having a single camera, and the glass back is replaced with an aluminum finish, sanded so as to frame the camera ornament. Admittedly, the look is an unusual one, unlike anything we might encounter in the Apple or Samsung camp. Whether this will be enough to attract the remaining buyers in a tablet market with increasingly weak sales year on year remains to be seen.

What we can say is that the OnePlus Pad comes with a neither too big nor too small 11.6″ screen. The tablet is constructed of metal and glass, and the cameras, while few in number, seem to be quite substantial for this model. The front-facing camera is located on the longer side of the screen, so it can be centered in landscape mode. Similarly, the camera on the back of the tablet is framed almost centrally, in the idea that users will frame photos while still holding the tablet in landscape mode.

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The one-piece aluminum molded casing houses a 9510 mAh battery, enough for about 12 hours of battery life when watching video content or up to a month of standby mode. Once discharged, the battery can be recharged in around 80 minutes using 67W SuperVOOC technology or the USB-C cable.

Optimized for entertainment, the tablet comes with an 11.6-inch screen and 7:5 aspect ratio, which the One Plus maker says is ideal for video content and Android games. The specs are promising, too: 2800*2000 pixel resolution and brightness of up to 5000 nits for use in brightly lit spaces.

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Still far from the level of solutions found on tablets like the Pad Pro (2022), the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chipset promises a smooth user experience, but not quite at the level of a 2023 flagship phone. The configuration is complemented by 8 or 12 GB of RAM, depending on your budget. Optionally, desirables can order the OnePlus Pad tablet along with the OnePlus Stylo accessory and the OnePlus Magnetic detachable keyboard, available separately.

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