Professor Vlad Ciurea is invited to the podcast ALTCEVA with Adrian Artene

Professor Vlad Ciurea is the guest of Adrian Artene in the podcast ALTCEVA which will be broadcast on Saturday, May 28, starting at 19.00.

Alexandru Vlad Ciurea holds a PhD in Medical Sciences, is President of the Society of Neurosurgery, director of Bagdasar Arsenie Hospital for 6 years, Vice President of the World Society of Neurosurgery, a Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences. He has written over 40 treatises in the field of neurosurgery and performed over 20,000 brain surgeries.

Ciurea talked about his first operation, but also about the mind that is trying to cope with the changes in society, about the power of thoughts and about the gymnastic exercises that he does for brain training.

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He also explained how we can cultivate our happiness, talked about depressive states and how they influence us, how they “attract” autoimmune diseases.

Watch the full interview with Vlad Ciurea, on Saturday, May 28, at 7 pm, only on the YouTube channel Altceva cu Adrian Artene.

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