One of NATO’s most feared weapons placed in Russia’s “coast”

Western allies are no longer afraid of provoking Vladimir Putin, and a recent decision by a NATO member state shows it.

The Netherlands has sent eight F-35A Lightning II fifth-generation jets to Poland, a neighbour of the Russian Federation. This is one of NATO’s most important and advanced weapons.

The aircraft are based at Malbork. Half of them will do air policing in the Baltic Sea, and four units will be used for exercises and training.

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The Royal Netherlands Air Force has conveyed that all F-35 aircraft in Poland can be used for real missions if needed. The message was certainly sent to be heard from the Kremlin.

Three Dutch F-35 planes at the Malbork base. (Photo: NATO)

Dutch mobilisation for this operation is impressive. The 150 people taking part in the mission have even taken their own aircraft hangar tents with them to Poland.

The Netherlands belongs to the select club of countries with radar-invisible aircraft. The European state operates 28 F-35 aircraft.

At the European Union level, only the Netherlands and Italy currently possess these advanced weapons. F-35 aircraft are still to be delivered to Germany, Belgium, Poland, Finland and Denmark.

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The F-35 is, according to many military experts, the most technologically advanced military aircraft in the world.

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