And Tinder will have Incognito mode. How it works

Unlike Chrome or other web browsers, Tinder sessions started in Incognito mode are hidden from other users of the platform, not your boyfriend/girlfriend who might check your phone.

Announced in preparation for Valentine’s Day, Tinder’s new feature aims to protect the privacy of the slightly more timid dating enthusiast by ensuring that the user’s profile is only visible to people they like. According to Match Group’s admin, this feature is just one step away from Tinder hiding your profile completely.

So only people whose profiles you’ve already viewed and approved using the swipe-up gesture will see you in their recommendations. This should give you more granular control over your visibility on Tinder, ensuring that only people you’re actually interested in can see and contact you.

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In addition, you can block profiles that show up in matchmaking suggestions from the start, avoiding potentially awkward situations where you cross paths on Tinder with an ex, not to mention family members who might have the same occupation. Recently, Tinder also added a feature that allows you to block other users based on their phone number.

Good thing you can also report any Tinder account, using the menu enabled long press anywhere on the profile page. Meanwhile, the company has also made some tweaks to the “Are You Sure” system (which prompts users to reconsider contacting other people using inappropriate language) and “Does This Bother You,” which encourages users to report inappropriate conversations. Tinder says the artificial intelligence-based system will be able to detect more speech deemed harmful or inappropriate, including hate speech as well as sexual harassment or exploitation. The company says that since adding “Does This Bother You,” it has received 46% more reports of posts containing harmful language.

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