A major topic was missing at the event, which Samsung intends to submit soon

Will the next Galaxy devices feature generative AI?

Will the next Galaxy devices feature generative AI?

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event is behind us: on July 26, the South Korean manufacturer presented the new foldable series and new smartwatches, as expected.

These include the new flagship in the form of the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Z Flip 5 and the new Galaxy Watch 6 watches. A fresh tablet series in the form of the Galaxy Tab S9 was also introduced. Our editor Ben was able to take a closer look at all of this in the first hands-on:

However, one buzzword that single-handedly determined the technical developments of the past few months went almost unmentioned at the Unpacked event.

We are of course talking about artificial intelligence, which Samsung has so far found little use in.

But that’s about to change, as Junho Park, Samsung’s director of global product planning, explained in a round of interviews after the Unpacked event.

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Intensive development work

According to TechRadar, when it comes to AI, Park said that you can currently working intensively on these generative AI technologies work.

As an example, wireless headphones are mentioned, which would be ideally suited for the use of artificial intelligence. After all, no screen is needed here, which makes the device group a good place for generative AI would do. The S Pen is also mentioned.

In principle, the manufacturer is working on converting the generative AI previously used primarily online – for example Midjourney – to a pure device experience.

There was already a foretaste of this in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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Specifically, it was about the camera of Samsung’s current flagship model, which supposedly could take close-up pictures of the moon.

Here, however, artificial intelligence was used to help, as it later turned out.

In this case, Samsung is aggressively approaching the topic of generative AI for the first time, so that the first areas of application could follow with the next generation of devices. Stay tunedas Park himself says.

Microsoft and Google have already presented their AI chatbots, Apple wants to follow suit soon – is Samsung too late with the development of generative AI? What areas of application can you imagine for the technology? And how do you feel about the use of artificial intelligence in hardware? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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