MIUI 14: what new features Xiaomi will add in the next major version of its software

MIUI 14, the next major version of Xiaomi’s smartphone software, will debut sometime towards the end of this year, following the release of Android 13. The first images of what’s new in the new software hit the internet recently and reveal a few directions Xiaomi wants to improve the user experience for customers. None of these features are necessarily new, but will allow the company’s phones to keep up with the capabilities of competing models.

MIUI 14 will implement interface changes, but will also add new functionality

One of the most obvious new features we’ve already seen on the iPhone and some Android models is the ability to recognize text in images. Phones with MIUI 14 will allow users to select and copy text from gallery photos. This will be able to be copied and pasted into other apps without effort or extra steps. Recently, however, Apple demonstrated similar technology for videos, something Xiaomi doesn’t seem to offer in the new software.

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According to MyDrivers, the source of these images, the new MIUI 14 will also integrate the new Bluetooth LE Audio codec, which will allow for low power sound to be transmitted to headphones, as well as a new high performance codec for those who want high quality sound. There’s also support for Auracast, which streams audio to other compatible devices, and Multi-Stream, for connecting simultaneous audio streaming to both true wireless headsets, not just one as is currently the case.

The interface is changing a bit, especially in notifications, where the interface will be more organized, while some apps will have their menus changed to display a “cleaner” and more organized look. Also interesting is the “Anti-fraud” feature that will notify users if phone numbers they receive calls or messages from are included in a database that marks them as “risky”. There will also be protection for known malicious apps that can steal user data.

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MIUI 14 is expected in the next few months, with no clear release date.

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