Oliver, who traveled from Mexico with a brain tumor, undergoes successful surgery at Sant Joan de Déu

Oliver, the two and a half year old boy with a brain tumor who traveled this week to Barcelona for treatment has been successfully operated on at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu to treat a problem of hydrocephalus.

“We inform you that the first planned intervention for Oliver’s treatment has been completed, in this case to resolve hydrocephalus, and that the result has been satisfactory,” the health center reported in a statement.

The little boy has undergone a first intervention to implant a peritoneal ventricular shunt valve. to treat hydrocephalus with which to treat hydrocephalus. control intracranial hypertension.

According to the hospital, is expected to second intervention, once the patient is ready to face it “foreseeably at the end of next week”, in which he will have “partially or totally removed ehe very aggressive brain stem tumor he presents. “Subsequently, the tumor will be analyzed in order to design the most appropriate oncological treatment,” said Sant Joan de Déu.

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Oliver arrived on Wednesday at noon on a medicalized plane from Cancun (Mexico), where he lives with his parents. After several postponements, the flight, which has cost about 200,000 euros and paid for by a Spanish businessman who prefers to remain anonymous, landed in Barcelona at about 11:25 a.m. In the medicalized plane only the patient and a companion traveled, in this case the mother by Oliver, Lena.

That is why Fr, Alejandro Romero, a man from Malaga who has been working as a diving instructor in Playa del Carmen for the past year, took a regular flight to Madrid on Monday, where he arrived on Tuesday to connect with another plane to Barcelona, where it landed on Tuesday afternoon.

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Travel problems

Initially, lhe family tried unsuccessfully to fly to Spain in a commercial airliner, which they were not allowed to board because of the state of health of the minor and in the absence of a medical document authorizing the flight.

The child’s parents took him to the hospital on October 13 when they noticed that he had difficulty walking, he was listless, weak and had lost his appetite.

There he underwent several diagnostic tests which concluded that Oliver had a posterior fossa brain tumor and also hydrocephalus, i.e., accumulation of an excessive amount of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

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