Nine out of ten “crypto consumers” are curious about the metaverse and what it could do for their lives

A report released by consulting firm Capgemini found that most consumers are at least curious about the metaverse and what it could bring to their lives. The report, which also examined consumer and business expectations for immersive experiences, explains that many are already taking advantage of the metaverse concept.

Capgemini: Metaverse is gaining interest from consumers and organizations

The Metaverse is becoming the focus of studies looking to identify the potential for potential investments in the field. In its latest report released Dec. 8, consulting firm Capgemini found that the metaverse is generating significant interest from consumers and businesses.

The report site titled “Total Immersion: How Immersive Experiences and the Metaverse Benefit Customer Experience and Operations“, found that nine out of ten consumers are curious about the metaverse and what it could do for their lives.

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8,000 consumers and 1,000 organizations in 12 countries were surveyed for the report between July and August. The Capgemini study also found that while the metaverse is still largely under construction, some companies are already taking advantage of the opportunities it offers.

This is due in part to consumer expectations about the impact of technology, with 77 percent of consumers saying they expect immersive experiences to influence how they interact with businesses and other people. Similarly, seven out of 10 companies believe that metavers will be a differentiating factor in the company’s image. Other companies are also optimistic about the reach of the metaverse, predicting that it will soon reach trillions of dollars in valuation.

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Metaverse and the evolution of the enterprise

This focus on the metaverse, and the value it could potentially bring to many immersive experiences, could lead companies to take a more functional approach to it, rather than promoting it as a mere gimmick. Along these lines, Charlton Monsanto, head of global immersive experiences at Capgemini, said:

This report supports the idea that the early interest in the consumer-facing metaverse, propelled by investments from major players, must take into account the real challenges in usability, accessibility, security and privacy that organizations are now struggling to address.

The report reveals that most organizations have plans to integrate metaverse in the near future. Two-thirds of companies surveyed have a roadmap incorporating immersive experiences in the next two years, while 15% plan to establish a metaverse presence within a year. However, most companies are not yet invested in the metaverse, as 56% clearly state that they have not established a clear path to adoption.

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