Nigeria kills top terrorist and dozens of suspects in bombings in Kaduna state

The Nigerian Armed Forces have killed a prominent terrorist and dozens of his followers in a series of attacks carried out over the weekend in Kaduna state, located in the north of the country and shaken by an increase in insecurity over the last few months.

Security sources quoted by the news portal PR Nigeria, has indicated that the suspect is Ali Dogo, who would have fled to Kaduna from Niger state, before adding that the bombing was executed against a gathering of terrorists in the town of Yadi.

Thus, they have highlighted that “unfortunately for him and his fighters, while they were holding a meeting an Air Force plane hit the house, killing all the occupants of the building.” A second bombing in Mando, about 30 kilometers away, killed several suspects.

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Air Force spokesman Edward Gabkwer confirmed the bombings and said they were carried out on the orders of Air Force chief Oladayo Amao, without giving details on the identity of the dead, as reported by the Nigerian daily ‘The Premium Times’.

Armed attacks in Nigeria, previously centered in the northeastern part of the country — where Boko Haram and Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA) operate — have expanded in recent months to other areas in the north and northwest, raising alarms about the possible expansion of these terrorist networks.

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