Nicolás Maduro is re-elected as president of the PSUV

Maduro has accused Iván Duque of organizing attacks to kill Venezuelan police and military


The party in the Venezuelan Government, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), has ratified Nicolás Maduro as its president this Saturday, after he has unanimously obtained the support of the more than 2,000 PSUV delegates from all over the territory. national.

The candidacy proposal was presented by the first vice president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, during the 5th Congress, where the 4th Party Youth Congress (JPSUV) was also held.

“Thanks to the delegates of the V Congress of the PSUV and IV Congress of the JPSUV for their vote of confidence and loyalty that ratifies me as President of the party. With the utmost humility and spirit of work, I swear to assume the reins of the party”, he has expressed. Maduro on his Twitter account.

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During his participation in the event, the vice president of the party stated that during the last four years the PSUV had achieved “great victories for the Revolution.”

“Four years that we had full of victory events, because after the 2017 Constituent Assembly, every time we have gone to an electoral confrontation, the Bolivarian Revolution has emerged victorious and it has to do with the work that the people have done,” he maintained. Cabello in statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión.

Following the vote, party delegates discussed and approved a new code of “responsibility ethics and revolutionary discipline.” They have also elected the new National Directorate, which is made up of 40 members, who must abide by “the exemplary conduct of the revolutionaries.”


On the other hand, Maduro has criticized Colombian President Iván Duque, whom he has accused of organizing plans to attack and kill Venezuelan police and military personnel.

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“Iván Duque leaves the Presidency on August 7. He is irritated and desperate and organizes plans to attack and kill Venezuelan policemen,” Maduro warned, according to the portal ‘Últimas Noticias’.

“Iván Duque has activated plans with criminals and gangs by state, introducing infiltrators along the border, the trails, groups of mafiosi, criminals who come to attack the police and military in the first place, to attack the public force,” he said. insured.

“This is how I denounce it. We are behind these plans with strategic intelligence, police intelligence and popular intelligence. Their objective is to attack and kill police officers, as Pablo Escobar did,” he warned.

This plan would first seek to kill police officials and then go for the military barracks. That is why he has summoned governors, mayors and members of the official PSUV party to neutralize “the plan of violence that comes from the narco-government of Colombia.”

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