New symptoms to detect the current monkeypox outbreak

The monkeypox continues its expansion the world and although its mortality does not is highthe World Health Organization (WHO) assumes that the following may occur more casessince the outbreak has been declared officially at 78 countries. At Spainof which 4,300 detected so far, have two people have died. The community scientific continued analyzing the symptomatologyand a study published in ‘The BMJ’ has listed some of new.

In the analysis, made in London at May y July of this year, participated 197 men who tested positive for monkeypox after PCR. The MIDDLE AGE era of 38 years y 196 were declared as gays, bisexuals or that have sex with men.

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The data

All presented lesions in the skin y mucous membranespredominantly in the genitalia (56,3%) and in the perianal area (41,6%). The most frequent symptoms detected were:

  • Fever: 61,9%.

  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes: 57,9%.

  • Muscle aches: 31,5%.

The 61,5% developed these systemic symptoms (affecting the whole body and not just a part or an organ) before of the lesionsand the 38,5% after. Only one 13,7% presented only lesions without symptoms. In addition, reported From:

  • Rectal pain: 36%.

  • Pain from throat: 16,8%.

  • Edema from penis: 15,7%.

  • Oral lesions: 13,7%.

  • Swollen tonsils: 4,6%.

The 35,9% were infected from HIV and the 31,5% had some disease from sexually transmitted (STD). 20 of them had to be entered in the hospitalmainly because of pain in the rectum, perianal area or inflammation of the penis, but none required intensive care o died.

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