Letta predicts “hard days” after Meloni’s victory in Italy and announces he will not run in the PD’s internal elections

The secretary general of the Democratic Party (PD) of Italy, Enrico Letta, has predicted this Monday “hard days” after the undisputed victory in the legislative elections of the far-right forces led by Giorgia Meloni and has announced that he will not run in the primaries of his formation.

“Today is a sad day for Italy and Europe. Hard days are ahead of us,” Letta lamented at a press conference. “Italians and Italians have chosen a clear option, the right,” said the still secretary general of the PD, who has promised “a hard and uncompromising opposition.”

Despite the “unsatisfactory result,” Letta has put in value that the PD is the second most voted party in the country, as well as the second parliamentary group and the first opposition force. “The Democratic Party will not allow Italy to abandon the heart of Europe or to separate itself from European values,” he has emphasized.

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Letta has assured that if Meloni has achieved such good results it is also thanks to the attempts of the president of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, to “bring down” the still Prime Minister Mario Draghi, as well as by the “friendly fire of former allies”, in reference to Action leader Carlo Calenda.

“The Democratic Party will work to build in perspective what could not be done this time, the numbers say that the only way to win the right is the broad field: this time it was not possible, not because of us, but because of some interlocutors who withdrew,” he has reproached.

On the other hand, Letta has taken the opportunity to announce that he will not run in the next party primaries, but that until then he will ensure the stability of the formation until the next congress is held, reports the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’.

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“I will ensure with a spirit of service the leadership of the Democratic Party until the congress to which I will not run as a candidate,” Letta has announced, for whom that appointment should serve to carry out a “deep reflection” on the concept of a new Democratic Party at the height of a moment in which the right “has never been more right”.

“Whoever comes after me will have to work for an alternative for the majority of Italians. I have never been in favor of self-sufficiency, I have never been in favor of isolation, I have always been in favor of dialogue,” said Letta, who is confident in building a new “alternative” for the spring elections with which to stop the right.

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