New subscription model is coming, initially no price increase for Germany

Disney adjusts its tariff in Germany.

Disney adjusts its tariff in Germany.

While US customers in the United States will have to expect three US dollars more per month from October, German Disney Plus owners have received the all-clear.

For the time being, we will be spared the price increase. Instead, we will get a broader subscription model from November, as the streaming service announced in a press release.

You can read how Disney thinks about a dedicated account sharing ban in this morning’s news.

Two new tariffs from November

Disney has made it easy for us so far: If you treat yourself to a Disney Plus subscription, you only have one tariff to choose from for 8.99 euros.

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Image: Disney Plus

Image: Disney Plus

This is how the subscription model will change: Make three out of one. The previously valid tariff will be added to the standard subscription Standard with advertising as well as Premium.

Standard with advertising will cost 5.99 euros. Almost all the features of the standard tariff are included, except for the ability to download titles for offline viewing.

Premium will cost 11.99 euros. Behind it is streaming quality in up to 4K UHD and HDR, four simultaneous streams and Dolby Atmos as a new goodie.

Those: Disney

Those: Disney

This applies to existing customers

Good news if you already have a subscription: Existing Standard customers will be automatically upgraded to Premium from November – without a surcharge. However, the press release also states: Subject to future changes. Regular customers should therefore be prepared for a price adjustment in the foreseeable future.

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Bad news for new customers: If you want to enjoy Star Wars and Marvel series in 4K UHD and HDR from November, you have to pay more. This follows a Netflix practice that packs the best picture quality into the most expensive subscription. So it may be worth hitting the next two months.

It remains to be seen how the subscription and pricing will play out together with any account sharing ban. After all, Netflix supposedly did well with it.

A modification of the Disney Plus subscription model is a reason to celebrate for existing customers. Do you have a Disney Plus subscription? Besides Marvel and Star Wars, what draws you to this streaming service? Or do you prefer zapping through the program on Amazon, Crunchyroll or somewhere else? We are looking forward to your opinion.

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