New sanctions for all drivers in Romania, automatically: how the new system in Romania works

For several months now, the implementation of an advanced system of surveillance cameras and radars on the streets of Romania has been discussed in the Romanian public space. Now, its existence has been confirmed by the Government and many drivers will be sanctioned, automatically.

Romania is still the number one casualty in road accidents. Trying to remedy this at least in part, the authorities in Bucharest have thought of a long-term program, 2022 – 2030 entitled the National Strategy on Road Safety for the period 2022 – 2030.

The new solution to give fines “on automatic fire”, in Romania

Reducing the number of road accidents in Romania is a major priority, and a new automatic system for detecting and detecting road deviations has great chances to facilitate that goal. To facilitate the effort, no less than 300 radars and 500 video cameras will be installed on the streets of our country.

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In this way, the activity of the traffic police will be simplified, because they will no longer have to stop you in traffic to fine you. The sanction is automatic and the fine comes home.

The new monitoring system was included in the draft Government Decision and will be part of an automatic system for detecting, processing and sanctioning violations of traffic rules. Also in order to reduce road accidents of any kind, approximately 1000 speed limiters, 100 walkways and underpasses will be installed in Romania, respectively 100 signaling systems for dangerous road sectors with light sources that use green energy. .

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Beyond investments, also in the National Strategy on Road Safety for 2022 – 2030, the safety rating of the road infrastructure was included. Basically, depending on the accidents that have taken place in one area or another, you will know much better if you drive through a high or lower risk area. The latter would be implemented by 2024 d by ARR.

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