New e-scooter is here – and too fast for German traffic

This e-scooter is too hot for the German road traffic regulations: The GT2P flambés the asphalt!

This e-scooter is too hot for the German road traffic regulations: The GT2P flambés the asphalt!

The e-scooter KickScooter GT2P is now also available in Germany. This emerges from a message on The e-scooter was presented last year – now the electric scooter is also arriving in Germany.

What is special about the KickScooter GT2P is its powerful engine. Because: According to the manufacturer, a top speed of up to 70 km/h is possible. The KickScooter GT2P is priced at just under 3,000 euros.

Anyone who wants to see the adrenaline rush that can be pumped through the bloodstream with the vehicle in moving images can click on the video below; in this one, an e-scooter-mad lead foot dashes across the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin.

Link to YouTube content

This top speed has consequences for German scooter drivers – because: With its 70 km/h, the KickScooter GT2P cannot be used on public roads. Irrespective of this, the two-wheeler can be kicked and rolled on: private property, company premises or a race track.

Need for Speed

Here are some of the key facts about the speed frenzy of GT2P:

  • 90 km range: So much should be in it thanks to the power battery
  • 30 percent increase: The scooter should be able to master such an increase
  • A powerful battery: With 1,512 watt hours
  • disc brakes: These are attached both on the front and on the back. For comparison: E-scooters with less power usually have drum brakes installed.
  • Flashing: These signal the other road users in which direction the journey with the KickScooter GT2P continues.
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By the way: If you want to know which e-scooters are currently worth reaching into your wallet – and are also approved for German road traffic: Lucas Kacynski wrote something about it.

Because speed isn’t everything: just below some more information about the infernal e-scooter.

  • IPX4 certified: the scooter should therefore be resistant to water and dust
  • OLED screen: The built-in display is used to display the speed
  • Four different driving modes: Eco, Sport, Race and Boost. A so-called pedestrian mode is also offered.
  • Weight part: The KickScooter GT2P weighs almost 53 kilograms and has a maximum weight of 150 kilograms.

When was the last time you drove through the city on an e-scooter – or do you prefer to leave the parts where they are? What do you think about the e-scooter question? Are motorized two-wheelers brilliant, or should they be banned? Tell us in the comments!

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