Wall mount for the PS5: This is a great way to store your PS5 at home

The Sony PlayStation 5 isn't just one of the best consoles on the market - it also looks sleek and modern.  And it gets even better

The Sony PlayStation 5 isn't just one of the best consoles on the market – it also looks sleek and modern. And it gets even better

The PlayStation 5 is quite impressive – and got pretty big . Even the more compact PS5 Slim requires space and cannot stand upright on its own.

Luckily there is one Stylish and space-saving solution: wall brackets. These allow you to conveniently place your PS5 next to or above your television. In this article we will take a look at different wall mount models, some of them even with really clever extras!

Important: When purchasing, make sure that the holder also supports your console – PS5 Slim, not so Slim, Disk or Digital.

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Wall mount for PS5: Easy to install, tidy, beautiful!

Model 1: Simple and clean wall mount without any frills. There are generally two types of simple wall brackets: One consists of a vertical bar with hooks, the other consists of a kind of mini shelf with a screw to attach the console. Both variants are almost invisible once the PS5 is mounted. Some of these models even come with additional hooks for your DualSense controllers.

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The Marvelights model is like a clamp for the PS5 and almost invisible. At €29.60 a real visual upgrade for your living room.

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Model 2: Wall mount with charging station for your controllers. For those looking for more space or an integrated charging station, larger wall mounts are available. These not only offer stability, but also space for the PlayStation's DualShock controllers and a headset. This really clears everything up.

Also an argument: They hardly cost any more. The NexiGo model only costs €38.99.

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Wall mount for PS5 with active ventilation and charging station for controllers

Finally, there are wall mounts with special extras such as LED lighting or integrated fans. These are usually only slightly more expensive than the simple models and offer a real highlight for your gaming setup. Many of these fancy holders also include a charging device for the DualSense controllers.

A model of this comes from Tokluck and includes one three-speed fan with slot, so that your console is always well cooled, even at maximum performance. What's particularly exciting is that this wall mount even costs less than the NexiGo without active ventilation.

For less than €35 You get a holder and charging station for the controllers (with display), active ventilation, a holder for your headset and of course the PlayStation 5.

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