Mumbai: Tezos activates its Layer 2 focused update

With the update Mumbaithe Tezos blockchain now allows users of its network to deploy their own layer 2 solution.

Tezos has been updated with Mumbai. Last night, the Tezos Foundation announced that the transaction went smoothly. It is a “decisive step” that will allow the blockchain network to position itself “at the forefront of the technology of optimistic rollups “according to a statement shared with

Thanks to Mumbai, Tezos users are now able to deploy their own layer 2 solutiona ” Smart Rollup “, and thus benefit from dedicated computing resources and bandwidth “without any compromise on the decentralization of their application”.

How do you allow each decentralized application to use its own dedicated resources without compromising on security and decentralization? Tezos Smart Rollups address this issue because while all smart contracts run on the main network validators (Layer 1), each rollup runs using its own infrastructure,” the Tezos Foundation wrote.

The thirteenth update Tezos also multiplies the global processing power of the blockchain network and allows to exceed the “symbolic threshold” of million transactions per secondaccording to the announcement.

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Mumbai succeeds Lima, a previous update to boost the protocol’s throughput that included several features and fixes.

At Nomadic Labs, we are delighted to see the deployment of Mumbai come to fruition, the result of hard work that allows Tezos to give everyone the opportunity to deploy their own Layer 2″, claimed for his part Hadrien Zerah, the president of the Tezos studio that participated in the development of the update.

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