Libertify: Pixmania’s co-founder gets into crypto

Steve Rosenblumdigital pioneer and co-founder of the e-commerce site Pixmanialaunches Libertifythe “1st digital private banker” for crypto investors.

Steve Rosenblum announced Wednesday the launch of the Libertify and its flagship product ” Crypto Seatbelt “. Powered by artificial intelligence, the solution aims to minimize risk and optimize investments in the crypto market.

At Libertify, we want to make investing safer for everyone. To do this, we invented the concept of a seatbelt for your assets. It’s a solution that allows you to dynamically adjust your portfolio to market risk,” said Steve Rosenblum in a statement shared with

Crypto Seatbelt, which is offered to individuals but also to financial intermediaries, allows, among other things, to assign a profile to investors based on their behaviors. “When an opportunity or risk is detected, the client receives investment recommendations specially adjusted to their risk profile. A way to protect oneself from market volatility with a single click,” explains the startup.

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The product is compatible with major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken or Bitfinex and major wallets like Metamask, Trustwallet and Ledger.

Steve Rosenblum and his brother Jean-Emile co-founded Pixmaniaa very popular e-commerce site in the 2000s bought by a British group. The platform will eventually go bankrupt in 2016 to finally be relaunched by the two brothers last year.

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