Four universities will battle for the ÆTHER League

Four universities from all over Spain will fight to lift the title of champion of the ÆTHER League. The tournament, integrated within the project Amazon UNIVERSITY Esportswill face off next weekend against students from the San Antonio Catholic University of Murciathe Complutense University of Madridthe Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the University of Vigo.

The Sunday, April 2 players from these four universities will compete for the Semifinals to advance to the League Final ÆTHERwhich will take place in online format on next April 9 and can be followed live through the official channel of Twitch from Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports. The teams will face each other at Summoner’s Rift, the strategy title developed by Riot Gamesin which two teams made up of five powerful champions face off to destroy each other’s base.

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Students from the four qualified universities will share a total prize money of €2,000, 1,000 for the winner, €500 for the runner-up and €250 for each team finishing third and fourth. In addition, the teams that will compete in the ÆTHER League Semifinals will be present in the qualifiers for the Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Grand Finalwhich will begin on next April 15.

What is the ÆTHER League?

The ÆTHER League is the esports competition in the university environment involving the teams with the highest level of Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports. Created last season, its objective is to achieve a safe playing space In which students with previous experience and proficiency in League of Legends and VALORANT can demonstrate their skills and abilities in a more balanced competitive environment.

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Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports is the leading college esports league in the world, with a presence in. 16 countries on 4 continents; in Spain they participate more than 370 teams from 76 universities. The educational and technological project is a container of experiences for students, offering them the opportunity to live a real competitive experience adapted to their needs, also promoting talent, innovation capacity and creativity related to the esports-gaming environment, as well as contributing to the training of students, showing them the multiple employment alternatives that exist in the video game sector.

Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports is made possible thanks to the support of Amazonwhich gives the naming to the project; de Riot Games; de Intel and Omen and from Prime Studentthe Amazon Prime subscription for students.

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