More than 2,500 people followed the Esports City Fest Andorra competitions.

Esports City League, the most important circuit of amateur esports competitions linked to. DreamHack Spainheld this weekend at the Polideportivo de Andorra the first event with the participation of professionals organized in the country and has positioned the Principality as one of the references in the celebration of these competitions, by accommodating in a single weekend an international tournament and nine other competitions.

In this first edition, e-sports fans have been able to enjoy the. Esports City League Andorra or Cibertitans well as video game competitions such as Clash Royale, Rocket League or Formula 1. A whole set of tournaments with prizes valued at more than €25,000. which, in addition, have given the opportunity to new competitors from different disciplines. There have also been exhibitions, concerts and conferences related to the sector.

Thanks to the tournaments, which were broadcast in streaming through the channels of the official ambassadors of Deportes City League, it has been achieved that only during the day on Saturday, more than 250,000 people from all over the world were able to enjoy the event.

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The good reception received during the Esports City Fest Andorra both by physical visitors, about 2,500 people according to sources of the organization, and digital, has allowed the Principality to position itself as a benchmark in an industry that does not stop growing.

On the Andorran side participated ACA Eports, What You Play, FC Andorra, Assegur, Motormatch, and video game developers installed in Andorra as Cibertitans and Golden Haven Games. The event also had the collaboration of Andorra Turisme, the Comú de Andorra la Vella, CityXerpa and Pyrenees/Epizen.

The gamer community has proven to be more active than ever thanks to its continued interest in events like Esports City Fest. That during Saturday alone more than 250,000 people from 8 different languages followed the festival live from the official channels is for us more than a source of pride. With all this, Andorra has proven to be a destination of interest for all fans of the world of video games and youth culture”.

Arturo Castelló, CEO of Encom and Director of DreamHack Spain.

Satisfaction for the reception it has had, not only by players and national teams, but also by the business side that have asked us for a new edition. With the Esports City Fest Andorra we have inserted our e-sports sector at an international level. The next step will come in July in Valencia, where one of the most important European events will take place and where the Andorran ecosystem will be present again thanks to the agreement signed with Encom.

The director of Andorra Business, Judit Hidalgo

In addition, with the aim of promoting another of the main axes of the strategic plan, that of economic development and the e-sports sector in the Principality, the agreement with Encom also includes the holding of a business conference, the Esports City Talks Andorra, to be held during the third quarter of 2023. This event, open to Andorran and international companies in the sector, will feature business, educational and technological innovation talks and conferences.

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