Crimen is available for the Meta Quest 2 – That’s Gaming

ef your glasses high, buddies! 🍺 You are about to embark on a journey through eight compelling stories full of greatness, riches and legendary feats in Crimen – Mercenary Tales!

Traverse haunted castles, ancient temples, abandoned shipwrecks and other amazing locations while wielding a variety of historically accurate weapons from the 17th century.

Enjoy visually mesmerizing comic book graphics and be entertained by the humorous chatter of the inn’s regulars and their exaggerated exploits.


  • Action-packed, gory arcade slasher set apart from conventional physics-based VR games
  • Eight hilarious adventures narrated by a cast of eight charismatic personalities
  • Attractive and vibrant graphics inspired by comic books
  • Abundant humor, hidden surprises and nods to popular culture
  • A wide range of authentic 17th-century European weapons and environments
  • Captivating Slavic folk music composed by the talented Arkadiusz Reikowski
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