Monkeypox: What is the ring vaccination strategy

The doctor Javier Pazfrom the Preventive Medicine service of the Pontevedra University Hospital Complex, stated this Thursday that, given the current situation of the outbreak of monkey pox“it does not seem reasonable or justifiable” to propose a mass population vaccination, although it does support the so-called strategy of ring vaccination.

Is strategy consists, “essentially, in vaccinating as early as possible the close contacts cases in order to reduce the possibility of infection and the risk of new infections”.

Reflecting on medium-term scenarios, Paz defends that “vaccination will be one more tool to contain transmissionsince we have vaccines designed for smallpox that are potentially effective against monkeypox as well”.

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Likewise, the expert points out that the disinfectants effective against coronavirus they are also against the monkeypox virus so “the spanish hospitals they have adequate and sufficient disinfectants.”

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