Mobile phone empty on the way? With this huge power bank you can charge your mobile phone up to six times

Are you on the road and suddenly your smartphone battery is empty? Or are you on a camping trip and want to charge your tablet to watch your favorite series? Don’t worry, Amazon has the perfect solution for you – the LIKE 30,000mAh Powerbank! With its extremely high capacity and numerous practical functions, it is the ideal companion for all your adventures.

Get one of the largest power banks on offer on Amazon

30,000mAh: Charge most phones up to 6 times

With a capacity of 30,000mAh, you can easily charge your devices without worrying about an empty battery. Most modern smartphone batteries have around 5,000mAha few models have something more.

However, many mobile phones, especially iPhones, have less capacity, which they compensate for, for example, with lower display refresh rates. For you, this means that you can charge your smartphone even more often with just one charge of the power bank.

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Another big advantage of the JIGA Powerbank is its wide range of connection options. It has three inputs – USB-C, Lightning and Micro-USB. That means that you have the power bank charge with different cables can, depending on what you have on hand.

The three USB-A outputs and the USB-C connection, which acts as an input as well as an output, allow you to connect up to charge four devices at the same time. This is particularly useful if you like to share your power bank with friends.

The power bank from JIGA is not only a simple power source, but also equipped with a built-in flashlight. This flashlight is bright enough to help you in emergency situations or to light your way when you’re out at night.

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You can also see the battery status of the power bank via the LEDs at any time, so that you always know in good time when the power bank needs to be charged. With this you can save yourself all the worries about empty batteries during your trip.

Get one of the largest power banks on offer on Amazon

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