Furby makes a comeback –

In a surprise that few expected this summer, Hasbro has announced that Furbys are coming back and that the toy will return to the shelves of toy stores around the world next month.

As noted in a press release, we are told that these new iterations of Furby interactive toys will be available in two colors (purple and coral), and will include five voice-controlled modes, more than 600 responses, light effects, 10 unique numbers and crucially, the option to actually turn off the infernal toy.

It is also said that these new versions will also respond to pats, hugs, belly tickles, shakes and feeds using the so-called Pizza Charm, and will be customizable by dressing them up with a collection of clip-on beads and accessories.

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As for when Furby will restart its global domination campaign, the toy will go on sale July 15.

Furby makes a comeback

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