Millions of Romanian drivers can have the lowest price at RCA. Which cars can benefit from discounts

Following the bankruptcy of City Insurance, a new company that will cover a gap in the local RCA market has started selling. Here are the cars that will benefit from low prices for MTPL insurance.

Axeria Iard, the French company controlled by an American insurer that was present on the Romanian market until August 2020, debuts on the Romanian market.

Thus, Axeria Iard starts subscribing on the Romanian market with the third party auto liability policy (RCA). This is the first insurance product offered to future customers in Romania, according to

“Axeria Iard continues the strategic partnership of the group with the company INTARO, which will offer specialized services throughout the country, especially regarding the instrumentation and management of the damage portfolio, using state-of-the-art IT solutions. One of the main objectives of Axeria Iard is the fast and correct compensation of the clients in the portfolio “, says the company.

The company adds: “This transaction, through which Axeria Iard was acquired by the Watford Group, represents a real turning point in the company’s history and positions Axeria Iard in a strong and dynamic international group. With this acquisition, the Watford / Somers group continues its development strategy in the European post-Brexit insurance market ”.

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These drivers will benefit from lower prices for cars at RCA

According to an economic analysis, in terms of the category of customers it targets, it is almost certain that Axeria does not want trucks, coaches, minibuses, taxis or, in general, any other cars per legal entity, known to have a frequency of damage much above average.

The main target is cars per person. The axle will probably try to segment according to the age of the driver (it will rank higher than the competition where the drivers are young under 30) and the engine capacity.

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The axle will differ on the market in segmentation depending on the area where the car is driven. Cars in small towns with less than 20,000 inhabitants, are the main target of the company. These drivers will benefit from lower prices from Axeria.

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