Microsoft will add tab support to File Explorer

The functionality reserved for Windows 11 users will make it easier to manage files, eliminating the need for individual Explorer windows, much more inconvenient to handle using the entire Windows desktop.

Already available in any modern web browser, tab support is a much-needed feature for File Explorer as well, with Microsoft ignoring users’ wishes so far.

In a characteristic style, Microsoft reserves this coveted “innovation” for the latest version of Windows, leaving out the fans who prefer the still current alternative, Windows 10.

For starters, tested with Windows 11 Developer Preview, the new version of File Explorer converts the top bar of the window into a list of tabs, with minimal changes to the overall ergonomics of the interface. This way, when you really want to have Explorer windows side by side (eg for drag-and-drop operations), you’ll be able to limit the “clutter” on your Windows desktop and taskbar by opening as many folders as you need. in the new tab bar.

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For now, support is limited to using the “+” symbol to open a new Tab Explorer, lacking basic options such as right-clicking to open a folder in a separate tab, or support for moving / copying files by drag-and-drop commands to the tab already present.

With an interface very similar to the list of tabs in the Chrome browser, the new File Explorer functionality is sure to improve, with Microsoft expected to include it in the first major revision of Windows 11, 22H2, scheduled for release in the second half of this year.

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