REVIEW Pieces of Her: Toni Collette, in an exceptional performance

If you haven’t seen a series on the screen for a long time, “Pieces of Her” may be exactly what you were missing.

Recently, Netflix released a new production, called “Pieces of Her”, in which we can see the famous actress, Toni Collette, in the lead role.

It took me about two days to finish binging on this series, which obviously kept me glued to Netflix, with short breaks normal for anyone.

Although it does not necessarily overflow with originality, the series falls, in my opinion, in the category of the good ones. With a rather “so-and-so” script, “Pieces of Her” manages to attract your attention through the professional way of directing, but also through a not negligible cast.

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Toni Collette plays the role of an ordinary woman, but with a dark past

Actress Toni Collete plays the role of an ordinary woman, the mother of a 30-year-old girl, the latter being slightly ill-suited to her age.

The opening scene shows the two of them in a cafe, while an armed man begins to shoot the locals. Miraculously, Laura (Collete) stops the man, showing the right skills, rather quickly, for someone who worked in the army.

Immediately after the act of heroism, the woman came under the scrutiny of the press, the journalists raising her “hatred” for her deed, which certainly saved all the people in the cafe in question from death. But as Laura is an ordinary woman, the press begins to question how she managed such bravery, without prior training. Her daughter also becomes extremely suspicious of her mother, whom she begins to suspect is hiding something.

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Of course, we are talking about a lot of action (not exaggerated, but in acceptable proportions), adventures, secrets and a lot of mystery.

I recommend this Netflix series to anyone who has “lost” a couple of days. Although, in the end, some questions will be answered, the production leaves us with the impression that it still has a lot to tell us.

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