Microsoft suspends all sales of products and services to Russia, including Xbox consoles

In a statement issued by Brad Smith, the company’s chairman and vice president, Microsoft announced that it was suspending all new sales of products and services to Russia. The decision follows Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and includes, as expected, Xbox consoles and related services.

Microsoft’s services are far beyond the realm of video games, with the Redmond-based company offering advanced security, productivity, cloud processing, and storage solutions, as well as the most popular PC operating system: Windows.

Thus, Microsoft confirmed that it is working with the authorities of the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom to stop all services of the company that fall under the umbrella of restrictions imposed on Russia by these entities.

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Ukraine’s cyber-security a priority

The most important aspect of this initiative remains the protection of Ukraine’s cyber security. Microsoft will work closely with the Kyiv authorities to protect the neighboring country from cyber threats from the Russian camp, such as the recent attack on a major Ukrainian radio / TV service provider.


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