Microsoft is patenting a replacement Surface Duo with a 360-degree screen, foldable outward and inward

Weighing in the recent patent for Microsoft, LG Display recently demonstrated an OLED display that meets exactly these criteria.

According to the latest patent for innovations in the smartphone segment, Microsoft Surface Duo could have an absolutely spectacular sequel, taking the form of a smartphone that you can fold with the screen inwards or outwards, as you like.

Launched later than expected, after Samsung had already managed to impose its own Galaxy Fold design, Surface Duo was a phone with two completely separate screens, Microsoft relying on its own expertise in software to attract loyal users. However, at the time of launch, the software was not as well “baked” as the American giant would have liked, with Surface Duo buyers only being left with the consolation of a slightly lower price than they would have paid for the Galaxy Fold alternative. .

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In the meantime, Microsoft and Google have made major strides in optimizing the software, leaving only the new design to be “packaged” using hardware for the purpose. And the new Microsoft patent seems to describe exactly the expected product, taking the form of a smartphone with a 360-degree screen, foldable and rollable at the same time.

The device described by Microsoft would be equipped with an innovative hinge, allowing the folding screen to mold to the outline of the housing when folding outwards, or to slip the excess length into a specially formed gap when folding inwards. . And in order for the screen surface to remain perfectly flat and in extended mode, one of the ends of the screen would slide under the side frame.

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Overall, it seems that we are dealing with a very complex foldable from a mechanical point of view, but LG Display comes to confirm that the technology exists and could be viable in a commercial product. According to information provided by LG, the screen in question is a model with an 8-inch diagonal and a resolution of 2480 × 2200 pixels, protected by UTG (Ultra-Thin-Glass) provided by Samsung and designed for an endurance of 200,000 folding / unfolding actions.

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