Microsoft Is Experimenting With Improved Windows UI on Steam Deck – That’s Gaming

Microsoft appears to be exploring better Windows 11 support for handheld gaming systems such as the Steam Deck. According to The Verge, a video of a Microsoft hackathon that took place in September 2022 reveals a Microsoft developer’s idea for an improved gaming-focused user interface that could be used on the Steam Deck.

The video shows some of the main problems in running Windows 11 on a platform such as the Steam Deck, highlighting several aspects such as the lack of proper controller support in the Windows UI and the inappropriate on-screen keyboard for devices with smaller screen sizes.

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A prototype UI developed by Microsoft Senior UX Designer Dorothy Feng is shown, with a launcher that can open games from various digital distribution platforms, including Steam, PC Game Pass, EA Play and Epic Games Store.

While the presence of the prototype is by no means official confirmation that Microsoft may be working on bringing Windows 11 to the Steam Deck and other handheld gaming PCs, the presence of the prototype indicates that there is at least some interest at Microsoft in making Windows more accessible on handheld platforms.

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