Microsoft Ignite Spotlight on Romania: a new name and a new perspective on digital transformation

The Microsoft Tech Day event, which has become a tradition for the local IT market, becomes Microsoft Ignite – Spotlight on Romania and aims to bring a new perspective on digital transformation. Year after year, experts from the company and representatives of its business partners bring to the attention of participants the most important news in the development of digital solutions and technologies for different industries, with a focus on the contribution that Romanian software developers have in the stable development of organizations.

Romania is the first Eastern European country chosen to host a local event Ignite (the company’s largest annual global event for developers and IT professionals) will be held in physical format on 8 Decemberon North Events Center by Globalworth from Bucharestand access will be free, upon registration on the event website. Event attendees will learn from IT experts and Microsoft representatives about how they can accelerate innovation and create products with real global impact using technology and resources in Microsoft Azure. At the same time, they will be able to learn more, enrich all their knowledge and learn about the latest innovations in the field.

“Microsoft Ignite – Spotlight on Romania is the right platform to discover the opportunities created by the technology brought by Microsoft to Romania. Technology has changed and will continue to change the world and we need to harness the local potential we have. There are over 30,000 start-ups and IT companies in Romania, as well as the second largest community of software developers in CEE, and Microsoft has been supporting the development of these vibrant ecosystems for many years. Digitisation is fuelled by data, access to cloud resources and the potential of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are opening this platform to the local IT community and inviting them to discover together how software developers can turn their ideas into innovations that have real impact both regionally and globally.”says Bogdan Putinică, General Manager of Microsoft Romania.

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Together with Bogdan Putinică and Daniel Rusen – Director of Marketing and Operationswho will talk about the importance of digital transformation processes for scaling companies, will also be joined on stage by a number of experts who will discuss with participants the latest technologies, tools and applications in artificial intelligence and data management under the three main themes of the event:

  • Developer Velocity: how we can accelerate innovation using the resources available in the most complex cloud platform

This session will feature Alex Mang (Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft Azure MVP, CEO KeyTicket Solutions), Radu Vunvulea (Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft Azure MVP, Group Head of Cloud, Endava), Mihai Tătăran (Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft Azure MVP, General Manager Avaelgo), Mihaela Ghidersa (Microsoft MVP – Developer technologies, Speaker, Software Engineer, Trainer).

  • Data & AI: increasing business agility and optimization through data and artificial intelligence algorithms

Speakers invited to present demos and applications in this session will be: Alexandra Ciortea (Principal Technical PM Manager Azure Core Microsoft), Raluca Mihăilescu (Principal Software Engineering Manager Microsoft) and Vlad Cioaba (Senior Software Engineer Microsoft).

  • Security: integrated cybersecurity solutions for complete protection against attacks and minimizing risks
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To support this session will take the stage: Valeria Sava (Strategy Product Manager Microsoft Engineering), Dan Istrate(Product Manager – Microsoft Identity & Network Access Engineering) and Bogdan Sava (Global Cloud Security Architect / Senior Expert, Atos).

Romania is rapidly progressing on its digital transformation journey, with 3 out of 4 companies interested in adopting new technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, according to Microsoft data. Globally, the digital applications and solutions of the future will rely on cloud technology, which offers flexibility, scalability, cost optimization, but also a high level of resilience and security against cyber threats. Harnessing the power of AI and the cloud to create the next generation of smart products is key to unlocking the digital potential of every organisation.

Microsoft Ignite – Spotlight on Romania takes place in a context where the Romanian IT sector is booming, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP, and the local market has competitive advantages that can help it become a regional digital hub. Software development processes can lead to significant growth in organisations, but the local IT industry needs even more specialists to generate progress, and through this event, the company aims to contribute to the growth and consolidation of the local community of IT experts.

For the first time in years, Microsoft Ignite – Spotlight on Romania will be a physical attendance event and attendance is free of charge, subject to availability, with pre-registration required. The full agenda and registration form are available on the event website.

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