Michael Saylor and his interest in ethereum: a false scoop or a reality?

In 2020, amidst the global economic impacts of the pandemic, Saylor’s company, MicroStrategy, began buying large amounts of Bitcoin. Under Saylor’s leadership, MicroStrategy acquired 21,454 BTC in August 2020 and continued to accumulate the crypto-currency, positioning Saylor as a major player in the BTC market.

In addition to his role in leading MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin purchases, Saylor has also made private investments in the crypto-currency and has publicly expressed his support for it, particularly over other digital assets. He believes that bitcoin is the most mature and robust crypto-currency and offers the best investment opportunities for investors and users.

In 2022, when crypto-currency exchange Bitfinex asked her via Twitter to name the three crypto-currencies she would choose to invest $100 million in, Saylor quickly responded with: Bitcoin, Bitcoin and Bitcoin. He confidently stated that BTC “will be worth millions“, even after the correction it suffered the previous year.

What does Saylor think about Ethereum?

Michael Saylor is known for his critical stance towards Ethereum and its capabilities as a crypto-currency. He believes that ETH has yet to prove its technical and ethical stability and therefore needs to be monitored for five to ten years before it can be considered reliable. Saylor also stresses the importance of ensuring that the protocol cannot be changed by anyone, including Vitalik Buterin, if ETH is to have any chance of becoming a global currency.

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Saylor views Ethereum as a financial asset issued by a company, rather than a commodity, due to its origin through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the existence of a management team responsible for its administration. He argues that the presence of an issuer negates the possibility of a crypto-currency being considered a commodity.

MicroStrategy’s former CEO also criticized ETH’s centralization, saying its frequent hard forks make it vulnerable to changes from the development team. Saylor argues that such large changes to the protocol mean that the development team makes decisions, and if the monetary protocol can be changed, Ethereum could fall under the classification of an investment contract under securities law.

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Is Saylor no longer a Bitcoin maximalist?

Recently, an audio An audio recording purporting to feature Michael Saylor has attracted attention on the Internet. In the recording, Michael Saylor reportedly stated that he is tired of bitcoin and wants to sell it, but is waiting for a break-even point. He also reportedly expressed his dislike for the leading crypto-currency maximalists and his regret for not investing in Ethereum instead.

This alleged change in position by someone who has historically been critical of Ethereum raises questions about the authenticity of the Ethereumregistration and the possibility that it is a hoax created with the help of artificial intelligence, a trend that is becoming increasingly prevalent in 2023.

Saylor’s strong preference for bitcoin is visible in his public statements and tweets, and if his views are important to Ethereum holders (which they don’t seem to be), they may have to wait for the executive to take a closer look at altcoin.

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