Mexico proposes to create a high-level diplomatic delegation to mediate between Russia and Ukraine

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Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrarb has proposed before the UN General Assembly a diplomatic entourage composed of heads of state and government to reduce tension and mediate between Russia and Ukraine.

This entourage, which would accompany the mediation efforts of UN Secretary General António Guterres, would be composed of high-profile international leaders such as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Pope Francis, Ebrarb said in his speech.

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The proposal comes after what the head of Mexican diplomacy has described as a “paralysis” of the UN Security Council, which he has blamed for failing to prevent the war in Ukraine or to take measures to stop the aggression or to initiate a diplomatic process.

“Faced with this paralysis, we had to resort to the General Assembly in a special emergency session in which Mexico, together with France, raised the appropriate framework for channeling humanitarian aid, (…) which has been useful, but which is clearly insufficient in the wake of the destruction and suffering left by the war,” Ebrarb has expressed.

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“For these reasons, the president of Mexico (…) proposes that a delegation or caucus of heads of state and government encourage and accompany the efforts of the secretary general to promote confidence-building measures between Russia and Ukraine,” he added.

Ebrarb has detailed that Mexico wants to offer “a complementary diplomatic channel” to the existing ones, for the sake of interacting with the parties in conflict.

“We will continue with the necessary consultations, with the sole purpose of being able to contribute, as an impartial actor and in good faith, to generate the broadest possible support for the efforts and good offices of the secretary general and the delegation,” added the Mexican foreign minister.

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