Meta’s NFT rollout continues as the social networking giant introduces the “ability to post digital collectibles.”

The ability to share digital collectibles follows Meta’s rollout of NFT and Web3 wallet support in 100 countries in the first week of August.

Meta reveals cross-posting NFT compatibility between Facebook and Instagram

Meta, announced on August 29, 2022, that the firm ” introduces the possibility to post digital collectibles ” on Instagram and Facebook. Meta revealed the information on Twitter and shared a blog post published in May that is updated regularly.

When Meta tweeted about NFT cross-posting compatibility and support for Facebook and Instagram, the company received a few responses from people who liked the idea and also from people who mocked the NFT concept. One person wrote: that the last NFT compatibility of Meta was “bullish“.

Meanwhile, a number of other people mocked the NFT announcement, including stated at Meta: “No, I’ll just post the jpeg instead, thanks.“Another person jokingly replied that sharing a jpeg was “safer, for sure“. Some people have shared screenshots Of the ability to cross-post NFTs on Instagram and Facebook.

Meta’s message from Monday states:

As we continue to roll out digital collectibles on Facebook and Instagram, we have begun giving people the ability to post digital collectibles they own to both Facebook and Instagram. This will allow people to connect their digital wallets once to either app to share their digital collectibles on both.

The Aug. 29 announcement follows Meta’s support of NFT in 100 countries and the addition of the ability to connect to third-party wallets such as Metamask and Rainbow. Meta also said on Aug. 4 that digital coin features would support blockchains such as Flow, Ethereum and Polygon. At the time, Meta said that “there are no fees associated with publishing or sharing a digital collectible” on Instagram and Facebook.

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Twitter, the company’s social networking competitor, has launched support for non-fungible tokens via Twitter Blue Labs. Users who leverage Twitter Blue Labs features can upload longer videos to Twitter, upload videos in 1080p quality, and leverage an NFT profile picture. While Meta has integrated Flow and Polygon, Twitter only supports static NFTs that were created on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC721, ERC1155).

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