Men get oral surgery to become ‘Chads’ -.

Throughout human history, there have been all sorts of strange beauty practices, but as we move forward into this era of body positivity, I assumed we would see them less. But clearly I was wrong.

GQ published a report showing that there is a growing trend among men, paying to have their jaw broken to make it a “more masculine” takes shape, all in an effort to create a “alpha” or a “Chad” to be . For those who do not know what these terms have to do with jaw reconstruction surgery: Chads are usually depicted with large and very prominent jaw lines, hence men have to pay for surgery to achieve that appearance.

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According to GQ’s report, the surgery can cost about 17,500 pounds / 20,000 euros, requires weeks of recovery after it is completed, and is increasingly common worldwide.

What do you think of this surgery? Would you pay for a chin like Henry Cavill or Robert Pattinson?

Men get oral surgery to become 'Chads'

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