Marc Márquez: “My great goal and dilemma is to continue at the same level”

BARCELONA, March 1. (Royals Blue) –

MotoGP rider Marc Márquez (Repsol Honda Team) celebrates ten years with the team and in the top category of motorcycling, with six MotoGP titles in his possession, and beyond celebrating the “dream” come true of being with Honda this time, he wants to continue having fun and winning another decade, even if it is also his “great dilemma”.

“For the next ten years, the great goal and the great dilemma is to continue at the same level and having fun. If I don’t have the competitive level to be fighting among the top three for a Championship, it doesn’t make sense for me to continue competing,” he acknowledged in a interview facilitated by the team.

However, Márquez is confident that he can continue in the elite, after 2020 and 2021 marked by injuries, a long time. “My intention is to extend it as long as possible, so that the injuries respect me. The other thing has to be worked on, and having fun because that way everything comes easier,” he said.

For now, he celebrated being able to reach a decade with the Repsol Honda Team. “It is a dream come true to complete 10 seasons in the best MotoGP team of all time. The balance of the 10 years is very good, I am delighted and looking forward to continuing this beautiful story”, he valued.

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In this time he has ridden several motorcycles, and he is clear about which one he would stay with. “If I had to choose a bike, I would go with the 2013 or 14 bikes, those two bikes were incredible. The combination of tires, bike and electronics made them very fun, easy and docile. They were bikes that really went very well “, he pointed.

And, as a partner, he would stay with the current KTM tester Dani Pedrosa. “He gave me a ‘master class’. In my first year in MotoGP, he was like a typical student in class who copied from the smart one, from the best. He was the rider who best drove a MotoGP, with talent, I learned a lot of things from him”, be sincere.

Despite staying with the moments of happiness, in this decade he also experienced adverse situations. “The worst moment was 2020, with the fall and broken arm, the haste to get back on the bike and break my arm again. Things that I have come out of and used this winter with the eye injury, having patience to follow the doctors was for that 2020,” he argued.

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In the Repsol Honda Team, Marc Márquez managed to be the first rider to win 13 Grands Prix in the premier class in a single season (2014), as well as being the first rider since 1970 to win ten consecutive races in the premier class. In the 2013 and 2014 seasons, he became the youngest two-time MotoGP world champion in history, at 21 years and 327 days.

To date, Marc Márquez and the Repsol Honda Team have together achieved 62 pole positions, 99 podiums, 59 victories and six World Championships. In this 2022 World Championship, which will start from the beginning, he hopes to fight for another world title to open a new decade of relationship with Honda in the best way.

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