LUNA 2.0 token gains over 200% in 24 hours

As the value of digital currencies surged in early morning trading on Friday (ET), the new Terra token, LUNA 2.0, jumped more than 200%. LUNA went from a low of $1.90 per unit to a high of $6.87, but the token’s value slipped into the $5.41 per unit range after the high.

Terra’s Phoenix Blockchain token, LUNA, rises 200%.

Bitcoin managed to jump 9.4 percent today, surpassing the $21,000 area, while ethereum rose 4.9 percent, surpassing the $1,700 per unit area. Amidst these jumps, Terra’s LUNA, the new luna token issued by the Phoenix blockchain, rose more than 200% on Friday.

Currently, LUNA is up 175.2% after falling from Friday’s 24-hour high. The 14-day statistics show that LUNA is up 224.1% and the coin has an overall market cap of about $978 million.

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Since the peak, LUNA has seen $2.55 billion in global trading volume on Friday, the seventh highest volume of any coin in existence today. Luna classic (LUNC) is the sixth largest token in terms of 24-hour trading volume, as LUNC has printed $2.81 billion in global trade.

LUNA on September 9, 2022


LUNC is up 69.5% over the past seven days, but has lost 13.6% in the past 24 hours. The once-stable UST coin (now known as USTC) is close to $0.047 and up 4% against the dollar on Friday.

USTC has jumped 27.3% in the past seven days and two-week statistics show USTC is up 55.9%. The former Terra stablecoin has a market capitalization of $461.67 million and a global trading volume of $211.24 million today.

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57% of LUNA trades today were exchanged with tether (USDT) which was followed by BUSD with 32% of all LUNA swaps. The dollar accounted for 0.83% of all global LUNA swaps on Friday, followed by the euro, ETH and USDD.

The total value locked in for Terra 2.0 decentralized finance (defi) also doubled on Friday, from $24.72 million to $51.48 million. Riskharbor and Astroport are Terra’s largest defi apps in terms of TVL.

Riskharbor is currently worth $33.59 million, while Astroport is worth $16.7 million. Terra’s defensive app Stader currently has $2.61 million locked up, according to’s metrics on Friday.

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