Luis Cortes: “The situation is chaotic but we are fine”

Ukraine's women's national team coach, Spaniard Lluís Cortés (in the center)

Ukraine’s women’s national team coach, Spaniard Lluís Cortés (in the center) – @UAFWOMEN

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MADRID, Feb. 24 (Royals Blue) –

Ukraine’s women’s soccer coach, Spaniard Lluís Cortés, assured this Thursday after the start of Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine that both he and his physical trainer Jordi Escura are fine, although moving from Kiev to Lviv in a difficult situation. “chaotic”.

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“Right now we are in a van provided by the federation, trying to leave Kiev in the direction of Lviv. The situation is chaotic because there is a lot of traffic and we are moving very slowly. But we are fine and in contact with the embassy”he wrote on Twitter.

In statements to Mundo Deportivo collected by Europa Press, he added that the situation was “surreal”. “It looks like a movie. The noise sounded like firecrackers, you never think it could be a bomb, but we immediately realized what was happening. They have bombed the airport area here in Kiev and have already closed the airspace”contributed the Catalan coach, Ukraine’s women’s coach since the end of 2021.

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Hours earlier, still from Kiev, he explained the situation hours after the start of Russian bombardments in various parts of Ukraine. “Good morning from Kyiv! We are with Escura and we are fine. At the moment in the hotel, calm, in contact with the embassy and assessing the best option for the next few hours. It is time to keep a cool head and filter a lot of the information that comes to us. Thanks”contributed then in the networks.

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