Lotus unveils ultra-fast 450 kW charging solution -.

Lotus is essentially an electric vehicle manufacturer these days, with the automaker having a whole list of interesting and exciting EVs to its credit. To accommodate these cars, Lotus has now lifted the curtain on a new charging solution described as ultra-fast and capable of charging four EVs simultaneously.

It’s called the Lotus Flash Charge and is capable of putting out enough electricity to deliver 450 kW. This means you can quickly charge a Lotus Eletre R, adding 142 km of range in just five minutes, and it can even complete a quick charge from 10% to 80% in just 20 minutes.

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It works by having a liquid-cooled power box that increases efficiency and minimizes charging time, as well as a liquid-cooled charger that can hold a maximum current of 600 amps.

Lotus has said it will use this technology at its fast charging stations around the world, and will further deploy it as such in most European countries in Q2 2024. There’s no mention of whether you can buy a Flash Charge station for your home, but given the power, it’s probably best if you’re looking at your electricity bill.

Lotus unveils 450 kW ultra-fast charging solution

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