The perfect Christmas present for aspiring programmers and those who want to become one

The mBot 2 from Makeblock is currently cheaper than ever on Amazon with a 36% discount!

The mBot 2 from Makeblock is currently cheaper than ever on Amazon with a 36% discount!

If your child enjoys solving logical puzzles or you would like to start programming, this little robot is the perfect Christmas gift for you or your loved ones. This makes it easy to learn beginner-friendly programming languages ​​such as Scratch and Python. The robot is currently 36% off at Amazon and cheaper than ever – the perfect opportunity to score a Christmas present cheaply!

Get the perfect Christmas present on Amazon in time

Unfortunately, the competing Lego Mindstorms is either not available or costs four to six times as much on Amazon:

Makeblock mBot 2: Learn to program while playing

The mBot 2 offers a variety of sensors that you can access with your own written programs. A microphone allows you In addition to app control, there is also voice control of the robot using commands that you have previously programmed yourself.

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A color sensor allows the robot to travel along a colorful line, with different behavior depending on the color it is on. You can use the distance sensor with your program to protect the robot from collisions with surrounding objects.

If several mBots share the same WiFi network, they can use the same program independently of each other and, for example, compete against each other in a game of football. The removable main board at the rear of the robot is responsible for the arithmetic operations.

This has a loudspeaker that can be used, for example: B. recorded audio tracks can be played, a colored display, Bluetooth, WiFi and storage space for up to eight different programs.

For absolute beginners, it’s worth taking a look at Scratch. This is a programming language that makes it easier for you to get started with the topic and easily leads you to increasingly complex scenarios. If you already know a little, you can instead, program directly in Python.

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What you learn can also help you with advanced tasks, as Python can also be used outside of such toys. You will be guided through a total of 37 lessons in the printed manual or in the appwhich will help you master increasingly difficult situations step by step.

In addition to the reduced mBot 2, there are also other Makeblock models with great prices on Amazon:

Get the perfect Christmas present on Amazon in time

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