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Another 90 dangerous apps have been removed from the App Store and Play Store. You need to delete them as soon as possible


Around 90 more malicious apps containing adware have been discovered in the App Store on iOS and Play Store on Android. These were apparently part of an organized adware operation called Scylla, which was somehow related to a similar operation called Poseidon that was uncovered in 2019. HUMAN’s Satori team, which fights these types of online attacks, discovered the apps that appeared to be real ones and reported them to Apple and Google. If you still have these apps installed, it would be a good idea to delete them from your phone. In total, these apps have been installed 13 million times.

List of dangerous apps on the App Store

On iOS only nine of these apps made it through Apple’s checks. These are made in the form of games, which display extremely large numbers of ads and can send users to dangerous pages if they access the links in those ads.

Here’s the list of games you should delete from your iPhone:

  • Loot the Castle
  • Run Bridge
  • Shinning Gun
  • Racing Legend 3D
  • Rope Runner
  • Wood Sculptor
  • Fire-Wall
  • Ninja Critical Hit
  • Tony Runs
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List of dangerous apps on the Play Store

On Android, the list is much longer, but still includes mostly simple games that are full of ads. Fortunately, in the case of Android, phones with Google services include Play Protect, which has the ability to automatically scan and delete apps deemed malicious, installed from Google Play or other sources. Theoretically, these apps should already be automatically deleted, but you can manually check if you still have any of these apps still available on your phone:

  • Super Hero-Save the world
  • Spot 10 Differences
  • Find 5 Differences
  • Dinosaur Legend
  • One Line Drawing
  • Shoot Master
  • Talent Trap – NEW
  • Pulley Parkour
  • Chop Flake 3D
  • Weapon Fantasy
  • Balloon Shooter
  • Musical Shoot
  • Chop Slices
  • Ninja Slice
  • Work Now!
  • Bottle Jump
  • Corn Scraper
  • Idle Wood Maker
  • Pop Girls Schooler
  • Romy Rush
  • Spear Hero
  • Dig Road Balls
  • BOO Popstar
  • Draw CompleteA
  • Rush 2048:3D Shoot Cubes
  • Meet Camera
  • Auto Stamp Camera
  • Roll Turn
  • Hiding Draw
  • Peter Shoot
  • Design n Road
  • Draw Complete
  • Thief King
  • Downhill Race
  • Draw a War
  • Rescue Master
  • Spin:Letter Roll
  • Helicopter Attack – NEW
  • Crush Car
  • Relx cash
  • War in Painting
  • Bike Extreme Racing
  • Player Spiral Maker 3D
  • Match 3 Tiles
  • 2048 Merge Cube – Win Cash
  • Super Flake
  • Arrow Coins
  • Parking Master
  • Five-Star Slice
  • Sand Drawing
  • Mr Dinosaur: Play your Dino
  • Track Sliding New
  • Beat Kicker New
  • Fill Color 3D
  • Draw Live
  • Draw 1 Stroke
  • Fidget Cubes
  • Girls Fight
  • Ninja Assassin
  • Shooting Puzzle 2020
  • Lady Run
  • Magic Brush 3D
  • Shake Shake Sheep
  • Number Combination: Colored Chips
  • Jackpot Scratcher-Win Real
  • Scratch Carnival
  • Ztime:Earn cash rewards easily
  • One Line Drawing
  • Shoot it: Using Gun
  • Billionaire Scratch
  • Lucky Wings – Lotto Scratchers
  • Lucky Star: Lotto Scratch
  • Shake Shake Pig
  • Lucky Money Tree
  • Run And Dance
  • Lucky Scratchers: Lotto Card
  • Pull Worm
  • Crowd Battle:Fight the bad guys
  • Shoot Dummy – Win Rewards & Paypal Cash
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