The Principles of Pleasure, the Netflix documentary that teaches you everything you need to know about your body and sexuality

“The Principles of Pleasure” is the latest documentary on Netflix that deals with sexuality, coupled with the stigmas that women have faced for hundreds of years.

In other words, we are talking about a feminist documentary, but one that should not necessarily be viewed from the point of view of activism, but rather from the point of view of female self-knowledge.

“The Principles of Pleasure” is currently available on Netflix

“The Principles of Pleasure” explores female sexuality, talking about acceptance as well. The documentary consists of three episodes and can now be viewed on Netflix.

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The good news is that unlike other documentaries dealing with this story, it is explained in a way that can be understood by absolutely anyone, regardless of their training.

This documentary is mostly aimed at women, but it would probably be extremely useful if it were followed by men, so that another brick could be laid at the foundation of the elimination of misogyny in the world.

Netflix also treats lesbian relationships as well as non-binary or trans people. In conclusion, we are talking about a one hundred percent inclusive documentary that militates in an extremely friendly and non-aggressive way for equality between all people on the planet, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race.

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“The Principles of Pleasure” is sprinkled both with information based on scientific studies, but also with the testimonies of several people (cisgender, trans or non-binary people) who relate sexuality, emphasizing self-discovery.

In other words, you have every chance to recognize yourself in at least one of the stories presented in this documentary because, ultimately, beyond all the details that differentiate us, we all have in common the fact that we are human, so instead to focus on differences, maybe it would be good to focus on similarities.

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