Lidl to sell Parkside electronic device useful for car and home

Lidl will have a useful Parkside device on offer next week for car lovers and those who want to inspect hard-to-reach areas of the home.

The German retail chain will sell a Parkside branded inspection camera with display. It can be used to check hard-to-reach spaces in cars, such as the engine area, for leaks, drains or places behind furniture where items frequently leak.

The device allows photography and can store up to 2,000 images in internal memory. The camera probe is dirt and water resistant (IP67 certified) and has a diameter of 8 mm. Six white LEDs with adjustable intensity are available for illumination. The swan neck is 120 centimetres long.

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The Parkside device can be used to inspect the car engine.

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The camera’s LCD display has a 2.8″ diagonal and 240 x 320 pixel resolution.

The device also features four-step digital zoom. Unfortunately, the charging port is micro-USB and not USB-C, which has become standard today. A compatible cable is included in the package.

The Parkside inspection camera will cost 279 lei. The device runs on four batteries, has a 3-year warranty and comes with a plastic case for safe keeping.


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