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Lidl sells 3 useful devices for students before school starts


Lidl will have a rich supply of school supplies and products for pupils next week. Three useful gadgets caught our eye.

A Silvercrest brand LCD writing and drawing tablet will be available for 40 lei. The device can be used as a worksheet when students are doing homework.

The content on the screen can be easily erased at the touch of a button. The tablet has two magnets on the back that allow it to be attached to metal surfaces.

The device has a stylus and dedicated stylus holder. The screen can be locked so that notes or drawings are not lost.

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Silvercrest tablet to be available at Lidl.

A simple Bic Velleda brand writing tablet will cost 10 lei. The device can be used on both sides – it has a white and a lined side. A marker and a sponge are included in the package.

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At the same time, a United Office laminator, which can be used for laminating timetables, diplomas or ID cards, will be available for 139 lei. The device can be used for hot or cold lamination and works with sheets up to A3 size.

The laminator has a paper and foil trimmer: it cuts a maximum of three sheets or one laminated document.

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The three products will be available in Lidl stores from Monday 22 August.

Photo: Lidl.ro

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