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LG announces Tone Free T90 wireless headphones with head-tracking audio spatialization


The LG Tone Free T90 could be the most exciting wireless headphones in recent times, as the product comes equipped with technology that adapts the relative location of the sound heard based on the position of the head. For example, a front-facing sound source will appear to come from higher up if you tilt your head down.

The technology is called Dolby Head Tracking and is one of the latest innovations in audio spatialization, addressing a limitation of headphones for personal use.

But the innovations for the Tone Free T90 headphones don’t stop there, as the product comes with a carrying case that doubles as a UV disinfection system, sterilizing headphones left on charge. The same protective case also includes a dedicated bluetooth transmitter. So you can use the 3.5mm jack cable (included in the accessory pack) to connect any analogue audio source, with the carrying case acting as a bluetooth adapter for connecting wireless headphones.

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Another distinctive element is the silicone rubber “wing”, which should ensure a perfect fit on the anatomical contour of the ear, preventing the loss of the earphones during running sessions.

The headphones come with IPX7 certification for water resistance, hybrid ANC technology for background noise cancellation and batteries sized for 10 hours of battery life, considerably longer than other wireless headphones. But most likely, these figures can be achieved with ANC turned off and only listening at medium volume, with actual battery life much lower when using all the assisting features, i.e. at high volume.

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LG hasn’t revealed the price at which you’ll be able to buy the new Tone Free T90 headphones. All we know is that it’s scheduled to launch in stores in September.

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